Dr. Andrea Pingru Bichlbauer
Д-р Андреа Пингрю Бихльбауэр
Chairman of the Board of PMC Wagner Arts

The astute and unorthodox visionary with a background shrouded in secrecy, Andrea Bichlbauer emerged from the shadows of clandestine operations to lead PMC Wagner Arts into a new era of calculated madness. Andrea's journey began in the enigmatic world of covert affairs, where they mastered the art of psychological warfare and market manipulation. They thrived in the chaos of warzones, sculpting them into his personal canvases of disarray. Recognizing the potential to reshape reality itself, they orchestrated the transformation of industrial wastelands into surreal paradigms of leisure and extravagance. In Andrea’s realm, scarcity is not a limitation but a source of boundless opportunity. Their view of differentiation is a strategic weapon, fashioning identities that defy convention and leave the world in awe. Their unique vision has propelled PMC Wagner Arts into a league of its own, a place where the boundaries between art and insanity blur. Under Andreas's leadership, PMC Wagner Arts boldly distances itself from the mundane world of mass militarization and the banal consumption of intelligence and weaponry. Instead, it embodies a radical departure from the norm, a place where the unthinkable becomes reality, and the unimaginable is merely the beginning. PMC Wagner Arts stands as a testament to their unrelenting pursuit of a new world order, where the boundaries of reality are pushed to their limits, and the art of the abnormal reigns supreme.

Qualification and Skills
Andrea possesses a unique set of qualifications and skills that have catapulted them to the forefront of this avant-garde organization. Their unconventional background and relentless pursuit of innovation make them a standout leader in the field: Strategic Visionary, Psychological Mastery, Tactical Expertise, Innovation Catalyst, Risk Management, Resource Optimization, Strategic Networking, Artistic Sensibility, Adaptive Leadership, Unconventional Thinking. Their expertise in cyberwarfare, coupled with a deep understanding of industrial and infrastructure design, exemplifies a unique blend of creativity and innovation. They challenged the notion of whether art can replace industry, demonstrating that art and industry can coexist harmoniously, breathing life into landscapes once dominated by pragmatism. This dynamic blend of skills positions them at the forefront of any entity’s mission to redefine art, technology, and industry's interconnected future.

Age: 31
Director since: July 2017
Board committees: Audit Committee
Other current public company boards: None