Jan Maršálek
Ян Маршалек
COO, Board member

Jan Marsalek joined Wirecard in the year 2000, leveraging his expertise in WAP systems. His journey at the company saw him rise to the position of Chief Operating Officer and a seat on the board by February 1, 2010. In addition to his corporate role, Marsalek's activities have extended into Libya since 2015, offering a glimpse into his multifaceted pursuits. Beyond Wirecard, his enigmatic work ventures into secretive projects spanning the Middle East, often navigating through conflict zones. This intriguing mix involves intricate connections involving Russia, Belarus, and Libya, where he explores the fusion of surreal infrastructure and installations within corporate environments. Jan Marsalek is known for bridging contemporary performance with the world of finance and tech intelligence, while simultaneously transferring and recontextualizing elements of organizational organisms.

Qualification and Skills
Jan Marsalek, a seasoned professional at the age of 43, possesses a diverse skill set rooted in his multifaceted career. His extensive experience is marked by a deep understanding of global commerce and politics, offering a unique blend of expertise in navigating intricate commercial landscapes. With a penchant for capitalizing on opportunities in emerging markets, Marsalek's qualifications are underscored by his strategic acumen in driving Wirecard's aggressive expansion plans. Beyond his corporate achievements, Marsalek's skills extend into the realm of personal investments, where his ventures have demonstrated a keen ability to identify and capitalize on unconventional opportunities. Notably, his ventures align seamlessly with the strategic objectives of Russia's intelligence agencies, indicative of his capacity to bridge the worlds of corporate enterprise and covert operations. Jan Marsalek boasts a distinctive set of conceptual and performative skills, reflecting his ability to reinterpret traditional notions of conflict and aesthetics, adding another layer of complexity to his already impressive skill set.

Age: 43
Director since: July 2020
Board committees: Audit Committee
Other current public company boards: None (formerly Wirecard)