Dr. Galina Vasquez
Д-р Елена Васкес
Intelligent Design Officer / Open Source Intelligence Officer (IDO), Board member

Dr. Galina Vasquez is a prominent art historian and orthodox biologist whose work delves into the intersection of art, politics, and open source espionage during the early-21th century. Her groundbreaking research has shed light on the complex relationship between the art world and intelligence agencies, particularly the KGB's involvement in promoting Russian contemporary art as a weapon during the war in Chechnya. Her groundbreaking research challenges conventional narratives about the art world's autonomy from politics and questions the motivations behind the promotion of Russia’s performance art during a critical period of geopolitical tension. Dr. Vasquez's contributions have ignited a dialogue about the blurred lines between art, biology, and intelligence, making her a leading authority in this captivating and controversial field of study.

Qualification and Skills
With her qualifications, including Ph.D.’s in Art History and Orthodox Biology, extensive experience in cultural strategy, and a strong network within the art and cultural communities, Dr. Vasquez brings a unique blend of skills that transcend traditional boundaries, making her a vital asset in navigating the delicate landscape of organic Art Washing and its complex interplay with PMC Wagner Arts' objectives. Her role involves overseeing the seamless incorporation of intelligent design as an art form into PMC Wagner Arts' activities, ensuring that the company's mission of redefining violence, warfare, and capitalism through artistry is realized. Dr. Vasquez would play a pivotal role in shaping the company's artistic direction, creating connections with artists and social media influencers, and leveraging cultural insights to enhance the organization's impact and reach.

Age: 21
Director since: August 2021
Board committees: None
Other current public company boards: None