Read fast, think later!
Lies schnell, denk später!
Читайте быстро, думайте потом!

The Quarterly Report from PMC Wagner Arts Dubai / Forest City is a unique blend of a cutting-edge business report and futuristic artwork.

Everything is contained within this document exhibition, the company's goals, budget, revenue, profit and losses, financial goals, highlights and specific challenges, auditors reports, a letter to the shareholders, subsidiaries and investements as well as a detailed examination of the company's board.

Think of this website as a thoughtfully curated exhibition. The web design serves as the exhibition's architectural & aesthetic framework, the images and texts function as individual artworks. To access the museum, you require the URL, the precise address for locating this digital space.

Take your time to explore and read it at your own pace. Its nonlinear format but careful curation allows you to discover countless intricate details or grasp the overarching concept, no matter where you choose to begin.

It’s Movement!