Independent Auditor's Report as filtered by the Audit Committee

To Protect Mankind
Dem Menschen zum Schutze
Для защиты человечества


Report on the audit of the Quarterly Report September 2023 included in the Quarterly Report

The Audit Committee represents and assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibility relating to our financial statements and financial reporting process, the qualifications, independence, and performance of our independent auditors, the performance of our internal audit function, legal and regulatory matters, our compliance policies and procedures, tax planning and compliance, and policies, procedures, and reports on political contributions and lobbying expenses.

Our opinion

Simplicity remains unaltered, resistant to both complexity and further simplicity. Violence proves resistant to reduction through either empathy or further violence. This sense of hopelessness arises because the 'Querfront' strategy operates remarkably effectively once the tether to social reality has been severed: parasocial detachment. Fluid and continually evolving adversaries align with images of their predecessors. It's akin to a broad-spectrum antibiotic, a mix of gentle prods and embraces, perplexities, and parallel realities.

Revolution, in essence, embodies the spirit of neoliberal 'disruption,' where old monopolies are simply replaced by new ones. This cycle feeds a destructive addiction, an addiction to destruction itself—undeniably real. Facts and algorithms mimic and purchase artistic strategies, incorporating them into the machinery of amassing power. Each space, action, protest, change, demand, or utopia, regardless of its scale, falls victim to appropriation and consumption, yielding radically individualized products tailored for each target within their diverse realities (Radical Customization).

Basis for our opinion

Our artistic approach steadfastly avoids simplistic imitations, particularly steering clear of repeating aesthetics, content, and methodologies. We have an insatiable drive to constantly evolve, perpetually wrestling with the human inclination toward the familiar and tested in each project, concept, and execution. We maintain a lack of allegiance to any political or methodological ideology and willingly take risks in every endeavor. Through experience, we've learned that these ventures often yield unexpected results, and paradoxically, we seldom encounter failure. This is because we embrace any outcome, continue to process acquired knowledge, harness all discovered and shaped materials, and weave narratives from them.

For a little bit less than a tenth of a century, PMC Wagner Arts has been immersed in experimental exploration, embracing affirming, subverting, and action-oriented methods. These methods have subsequently been adopted in real-time by corporations and algorithms for self-optimization, and embraced by emerging political movements. Nine years ago, this endeavor was straightforward - system optimization through media manipulation, a realm where we were both avant-garde and peripheral to the system. However, in the last two years, this landscape has dramatically shifted, becoming increasingly dystopian, accelerated, magnified, and perilously threatening to our organic environment - the world around us (Hyper Contemporary).

Yet, despite these challenges, we cannot and should not abandon this path. Instead, it compels us to continually expand our knowledge, transform our apparent recklessness into a conscious responsibility, and allow the lessons from our actions to inform our present actions. This is done through experimental research and subversive imagination. However, in this journey, we must resist the cycle of feeling compelled to endlessly create something new (Sturm, Drang, Innovation, Vorwärts, Leistung), only to leave it to the currently distorted systems and actors in real time. This approach is neither wise from an economic standpoint nor psychologically and emotionally farsighted and sustainable. Our freedom to experiment has faced constraints in recent years, but our commitment to innovation and exploration remains unwavering.

Information in support of our opinion

We've enriched our methods with a fluid and elusive quality by deliberately slowing down and mixing, forging new connections between imagination, intuition, and unconventional approaches. This Auditor's Report is framed within this context and intentionally so. From the early days of our work in the mid-2010s, we've recognized the stabilizing function our actions could exert on the system. We actively sought out vulnerabilities within the system and engaged with these open spaces. Projects in regions like Syria, the Central African Republic, Mali, and others all employed a fusion of mercenary action and experimental media manipulation that we had developed.

During that era, our work was characterized by a high degree of audacity, as we depended on societal regulations (laws) and established structures (the executive) to secure emotional, intellectual, and artistic freedom. However, those times have passed. In the current ultra-contemporary landscape, visible methods are automated and directly employed against the natural world and profit motives. Algorithms induce polarizing forces, generating a new equilibrium from instability.

Surprisingly, instability gives rise to more robust systems and interconnected organisms. Our work in Ukraine in 2022 was a powerful and intense reaction to the perceived futility of subversive efforts. It was never conceived as an art project but rather embodied a form of impulsive actionism that seemed destined to fail from the outset. Nevertheless, it proved to be remarkably enlightening, even if it courted scandal and controversy.

Our understanding of the business

The foundation of our approach lies in the belief that clarity is revolutionary. We view clarity as an essential and supreme principle. It gives birth to responsibility and a counterintuitive approach that commences with the art of creation. While intuition serves as our compass for reality-based progress, ambiguity is the terrain of intellect, rationality, and knowledge. Yet, we acknowledge the necessity of deliberate ignorance, radical experimentation, emotional depth, authenticity, and subversion in order to collectively embrace risks with unpredictable consequences, ultimately leading to transparency and certainty. In a world where speed and imprecision often dominate, we champion slowness and precision as contrasting strategies. We engage in fluid shifts of perspective that dig into established realities.

We perceive and navigate parallel, existing spaces of potential in real time. We stretch reality until it becomes pliable, explore it until it becomes familiar, and envision it until it becomes transformative. Our resilience empowers us, rendering us stronger than any individual or destructive force. The client-centric paradigm atomizes our reality (Radical Customization), and as a result, our consciousness gradually erodes. What cannot adapt fractures and erodes itself. In this shifting landscape, an indescribable artistic element emerges, triggering a deliberate clarity in signals and contexts. This process escalation leads to an authentic state free from deception, which we term 'Happy Dystopia.'

In our ongoing examination of 'PMC Wagner Arts' (2023-), we delve into and elucidate the concept of 'Happy Dystopia.' It explores the notion that our comforts and security come without cost but rather as attributes of an artistic hybrid entity—a 'Networked Organism' (New Futurism). This entity reveals that not all complex issues have been resolved, urging us to maintain vigilance and view humanity as a 'Happy Dystopia.' We assume the role of authenticators, simultaneously generating clarity and reflecting in real time. A notable asymmetry emerges, with existing systems, whether algorithmic or in the form of organizational entities like corporations and bureaucratic structures, displaying limitations in cognitive capacity. This progression coincides with a perilous downward spiral in which overall intuitive 'performance' stagnates and tends to weaken—a disquieting testimony to the potentially detrimental effects of inadequately matured cognitive models (stupidity) at the collective level.

Scope of the group audit

Attempting to employ parasitic terms proves inadequate within the context of our artistic endeavors. Instead, what's required is the formulation of entirely new and unambiguous terminology, rather than attempting to reinterpret existing concepts. Biological principles are well-defined, with their terminology crystal clear. The impact on the host is either expressed as disease or destruction, while other intricate relationships are assigned alternative labels, such as symbiosis. In the realm of art, this often manifests as a quasi-overreflection, giving rise to ambiguities and inaccuracies that contradict contemporary demands.

In response, we opt for a lateral shift in thinking toward the concept of ‘Californication.’ This concept extends beyond mere intellectual laxity and Beach-Ken-Existentialism. It represents a positive stance against the Wellness-Authoritarianism pipeline, where mindfulness and serenity are the catchwords of self-optimization accelerators. ‘Common sense’ and the imperatively standardized yet fictitiously flexible normalcy demonstrate a highly effective impact. This is because not all authentically organic aspects can be seamlessly, gracefully, and practically assimilated into this context.

Our media systems, New Extremism, traditional corporations, and conventional military often struggle to integrate into such developmental realms and strategic dimensions. They lack access to emulation processes and ecosystems, resulting in unnaturally sterile communication and error-prone systems. The ongoing expansion of sanitized and highly controlled spaces, such as social media platforms posing as pseudo-public spaces, creates new ‘habitats’ where organic and non-organic elements can converge. To remain stationary, we must constantly move, oscillating between various interacting factors, organisms, and realities. Conservation and conservative strategies necessitate movement, change, and adaptability. Each day, artificial production and corrupt redistribution give rise to death, suffering, poverty, stress, hunger, pain, and injustice. These cruel contradictions cannot be resolved but must be endured.

Now, let's entertain a reconciliatory notion that elucidates how we can transcend these distorted oversimplifications in our thoughts and emotions. It guides us in rekindling the depths of our emotions and social dynamics, both the societal ones and those we've estranged within ourselves. Perhaps, we can even symbiotically re-engage with them. This involves embracing our individuality, our communities, our corporations, and our culture. We use our essence to interconnect realities, acknowledging and coexisting with these inherent contradictions.

We've been weathered and diminished by the harshness of brutalization and isolation, by unbridled systems of rules and laws, by societal aloofness, discipline, and exclusion that have accumulated over centuries. It's imperative that we comprehend our essence and our collective social existence as oscillating organisms, allowing ourselves to engage in symbiotic interactions, drawing nourishment and vitality from them, living and feeling in abundance. Resistance isn't a battle waged against something external; it embodies life, communication, joy, and authenticity.

We are, and should recognize ourselves as, the novel networked organism PMC Wagner Arts, a fusion of the most diverse organic and technological components. We've achieved a significant degree of detachment from the constraints of time and space, existing firmly in the present, within our reality.

With remarkable clarity, we navigate this journey.