Sebastian Kurz
Себастьян Курц
Chief Asshole Officer (CAO), Message Control Advisor, Board member

Sebastian Kurz, a prominent Austrian political figure, has navigated the complex landscape of modern politics with a unique blend of visionary leadership and pragmatic governance. Born in Vienna in 1986, Kurz quickly rose through the ranks of the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP), exhibiting an early fascination with the philosophical concepts of queer Heterotopie, as famously expounded by Michel Foucault. These ideas stirred his imagination, leading him to contemplate the interplay between utopian and dystopian visions within the realm of politics. Kurz's political journey has often been characterized as that of a visionary prophet, a leader who possesses an uncanny ability to shape the future through superficial charisma and emptiness. His leadership style has even drawn comparisons to that of a cult leader, captivating the hearts and minds of both his enemies and supporters. His inability to bridge the gap between message control and practical governance has earned him a prominent place in the global history books, always ready to celebrate the potential of tomorrow, even in the face of uncertain times. His journey reflects the interplay between narcissistic aspirations and the challenges of contemporary governance.

Qualification and Skills
Sebastian Kurz's qualifications and skills extend beyond the realm of anything into nothing.

Age: 37
Director since: July 2022
Board committees: Audit Committee
Other current and former public company boards and employments: Palantir, Wirecard