Cost of Revenue and Operating Expenses

PMC Wagner Arts is pleased to report strong financial performance for the fiscal year ending 2023. Our total revenue reached an impressive $30 billion, representing a 10% year-over-year growth. This growth is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the market.

Be formless, shapeless like water!
Sei formlos und gestaltlos wie Wasser!
Будь бесформенным, бесформенным, как вода!

Cost of Revenue

The Cost of Revenue for the year was $18 billion, reflecting the expenses associated with producing and delivering our products and services. Despite the significant cost, our gross profit remained strong at $12 billion.

Expense Management

Operating expenses for the year totaled $18 billion. We allocated $2.5 billion to research and development, $5 billion to sales and marketing, and $10.5 billion to general and administrative expenses.

Financial Performance

Our EBIT for the year reached $10 billion, resulting in an earnings per share (EPS) of $6.50. The return on investment (ROI) is an impressive 33.33%, demonstrating the value we provide to our shareholders.


PMC Wagner Arts 's financial performance for the year has been outstanding, with record-breaking revenue and strong profitability. We remain committed to delivering value to our customers and shareholders, and we look forward to continued success in the coming years.


Income Statement PMC Wagner Arts

Date: October 1th, 2023

Selected Financials

Amount (USD)
Sales Revenue $30,000,000,000
Cost of Revenue -$18,000,000,000
Gross Profit $12,000,000,000
Operating Expenses -$18,000,000,000
Research and Development -$2,500,000,000
Sales and Marketing -$5,000,000,000
General and Administrative -$10,500,000,000
Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) $10,000,000,000
Interest Expenses $0
Net Income $8,000,000,000

Financial Overview

PMC Wagner Arts is proud to present its Income Statement for the third quarter of the fiscal year of 2023. It's a reflection of our commitment to the long-term perspective, and delivering sustainable value and longtermism to our stakeholders.

Motivational Message

It’s All About the Long Term
Es geht um Langfristigkeit
Все дело в долгосрочной перспективе


PMC Wagner Arts (PWA) achieved a remarkable $30 billion in sales revenue while carefully managing costs, resulting in a gross profit of $12 billion. Despite operating expenses of $18 billion, we remained profitable with a net income of $8 billion. Our unwavering commitment to the long-term perspective ensures continued success and value for our stakeholders.


Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet - PMCWA

Date: October 1th 2023

Cash Flow Statement

Amount (USD)
Cash Flow from Operating Activities $10,000,000,000
Cash Flow from Investing Activities -$5,000,000,000
Cash Flow from Financing Activities -$3,000,000,000
Net Cash Flow $2,000,000,000

Balance Sheet

Assets Amount (USD)
Cash and Cash Equivalents $5,000,000,000
Accounts Receivable $8,000,000,000
Inventory $3,000,000,000
Property, Plant, and Equipment $10,000,000,000
Total Assets $26,000,000,000
Liabilities Amount (USD)
Accounts Payable $4,000,000,000
Short-Term Debt $2,000,000,000
Long-Term Debt $6,000,000,000
Total Liabilities $12,000,000,000
Equity Amount (USD)
Common Stock $2,000,000,000
Retained Earnings $12,000,000,000
Total Equity $14,000,000,000

Financial Overview

PWA is pleased to present its Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet for the third quarter of the fiscal 2023. These financial statements reflect our commitment to the long-term perspective and our continuous efforts to meet the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

Motivational Message

It’s far too early to know what people actually want
Es ist noch viel zu früh, um zu wissen, was die Menschen wirklich wollen
Пока еще слишком рано судить о том, чего на самом деле хотят люди.


PWA achieved a net cash flow of $2 billion, demonstrating our ability to generate positive cash flow from our core operating activities. Our strong balance sheet shows total assets of $26 billion and total equity of $14 billion, reflecting a solid financial foundation.


Segment Results - PWA

Date: October 1th 2023

Segment Results

Segment (Country) Revenue (USD) Profit Margin
India $7,000,000,000 15%
Brazil $4,000,000,000 10%
Ukraine $3,000,000,000 12%
Russia $2,500,000,000 8%
South Africa $2,200,000,000 9%
Saudi Arabia $1,800,000,000 11%
CAR $1,500,000,000 7%
Syria $1,300,000,000 6%
Indonesia $1,100,000,000 8%
Mali $900,000,000 7%
Malaysia $800,000,000 10%
UAE $700,000,000 9%
Philippines $600,000,000 11%
Kenya $500,000,000 6%
Ethiopia $400,000,000 5%
Uzbekistan $300,000,000 7%
Cambodia $200,000,000 8%
Myanmar $150,000,000 5%
Tanzania $100,000,000 4%

Motivational Message

What comes next?
Was kommt als nächstes?
Что будет дальше?


PMCWA's segment results reflect our commitment to developing countries and our dedication to delivering value in these regions as we move forward.